Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ghazi ilm Din Shaheed

Ghazi was On October 31, 1929, was the morning before his execution in Mianwali jail, last Asked desire, asked only for prayer time two of rak'ah Salah. To obtain permission he prostrated before the Lord and thanked him. He wanted to wrap the rope around his neck, but believed himself came that it might be a suicide and thus was wrapping rope around his neck, said: "O people, be a witness, killed Raj Pal in my defense Prophet Muhammad! Alayhe and peace (peace be upon him), Today, while reading Kalimah of my Lord and I sacrifice my life to him, "and then took him towards the gallows officials. Authorities have buried his body without Janazah prayer in front of the prison Mianwali but with the intervention of leaders such as Dr. Muhammad Iqbal mark, and the Prince of religion Mian Mian Abdul Aziz Muslims were able to get the body back .. Later his body was sent to Lahore for burial in the efforts made by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal brand and its allies. Attended the Ghazi Eelam Din.Muslims Massoud of the whole city and millions of neighboring regions funeral. Asked the father of Ilmuddin Allama Muhammad Iqbal to lead the funeral prayers. Dr. Allama Iqbal replied, "I'm an evil person is competent to do the job to lead the funeral of a great warrior like this, and pointed Syed Deedar Ali Shah, the founder of the party Ahnaf Lahore UL e namaz and funeral burial." Mohammed Imam and was at the top then pray Janazah by the Imam of a mosque Khan minister, Shams al-Din Kassum, Syed Ali Shah Deedar because the crowd Namaz funeral e had to be displayed three times, Allama Iqbal, Syed Deedar Ali Shah along with led many eminent thinkers Ghazi Mohiuddin martyr of science in his grave. One of the largest funeral processions seen by Lahore. Buried in the cemetery of the Miani Lahore road Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Mianwali Pakistan called also built a mosque in Mianwali prison, Ghazi Ilmuddin martyr mosque to offer him tribute.Accepted the Lahore High Court (LHC) petition requesting the death penalty awarded for the 'martyr' Ghazi 'Ilmuddin null and void. Made in case the application is requested that Ilmuddin killing Hindus because the latter had committed blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). At first glance, it has agreed to request LHC author and issued a notice to the government asking their representatives to appear with the record on the death sentence awarded to Ilmuddin.It is, to begin with, very odd that the high court, such as the LHC committed by the petitioner. It is not surprising, despite the fact that given since the days of General Zia-ul-Haq, and judges were proactive bosses of Islam in Pakistan.Announced that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry only a few months before, from his judicial seat he would not allow Parliament to go secular. Just last week, General Kayani sent a message to the masses from the Military Academy in Kakul: do not lose heart because the Pakistani army will take care of everything. All is fair in Pakistan in these times. Each section of the community and to insulate itself to mafia gangs, seeking power in order to extract material benefits the greatest number possible while claiming to protect the interests of the people. Thus, whoever says it should understand at all in terms of crocodiles that proverbial shed tears. Re-open the case Ilmuddin, however, is worth a little attention because it is located on the so-called post-colonial colonialism duo.On 6 September, 1929, killing Ilmuddin Raj Pal, an ancient Hindu shopkeeper insulation, because he had published a book about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which included remarks allegedly insulting him. I have not read the book, so I can not tell you how it was blasphemous. Ilmuddin did not because he was an illiterate man. Person having incited to kill Raj Pal, which he did. And was sentenced to death Ilmuddin. Appealed for mercy (and Pakistanis never said this fact), but the colonial government of Great Britain rejected the appeal and was executed in October 31, 1929.


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