Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hazrat Imam Hussain

Hussein is king, it is the king of kings,Hussein is a religion, as well as the protector of religion,Threw his head but not his loyalty in the hands of Yazid. In fact, was the founder (like his grandfather) of the concept of one God.This quartet of Chishty Shah Ajmeri Moinuddin is the exact meaning of a modern "mini Hussaino" As mentioned above.Imam Hussein (AS) has saved Islam from oblivion by offering his sacrifice in time to draw a line between right and wrong, between good and evil, between right and falsehood, that after this event in Karbala in 61 AH, no one inside or outside Islam dare to challenge the truth of the Quran or an attempt to sabotage sense.Karbala story begins with the birth of Hussein. The Holy Prophet show affection and love for his grandson should also show no seriously, but there was something more positive and profound in this love. Hussein several times when he entered the mosque as a small child, the Holy Prophet puts it in his lap and tell his companions that this is Hussain, look at him and remember him. Prophet's insistence to remember Hussain shows that those who will never forget this event will cause trouble in Islam.It was just seven years of his life with his grandfather that the Holy Prophet and died shortly after, Hussein's mother Hazrat Fatima (SA) also died .. The next 25 years of his life in Medina with his father, Ali Hassan and his brother brothers and sisters in many other family. Grew up to be loved by the owners of the Holy Prophet. During the period from 2 differences-E-rational, and Omar Khattab Ibne always showed his love and respect for Hussein. Whenever Hussain entered the mosque, the Caliph to allow him to sit next to him and says companions to listen to what this young man says. They value his advice even at an early age. The main activity in the Medina to see that people out there know the true Islam. Also enable the trust established by his father, to help the poor of the city by giving them food and many necessities of life. This is a true Islamic welfare state in progress where every hungry mouth must have food, it must be everyone naked clothing and shelter over his head.Apart from Trust Management established by his father Ali (AS), and it was Hussein (AS) main occupation during these 25 years in Medina to teach Muslims the newly converted real Islam through Qora'an and Sunnah. The pilgrimage, which was doing 24 times during this period. He had also visited Yemen and most of the southern part of the Hijaz and Najd. Obviously it did not take any part in any of the missions by Muslim forces under the guidance of three caliphs.After the death of Caliph Uthman 3, forced Hussein's father Ali (AS) by the overwhelming majority of people of Medina to the throne of power. The Ali (AS) hesitant and waited for three days before accepting the mantle of worldly power along with the authority of the Imamate. (See the life of Imam Ali) (a). Circumstances changed quickly and within the first 6 months of disagreements on he was forced to leave the city of Basra and the Battle of the Camel signed. We believe that Hussein (AS) who did not take part in any battles before, was the commander of the forces in this first battle under the leadership of his father. The Ali (AS) the fighting began and ended in just one day, and the battle was over, the funeral prayers for the dead from both sides, and was buried there. And the victors and the vanquished were treated the same way. Hazrat Aisha has returned to the city guarded by her brother Abibakr bin Mohammed and 40 other men. Tabet participation in the battle all her life and did not forgive Talha and Zubair who deceived her in this battle against Ali (AS). I also realized that the real instigator of this battle was Muawiya under whose directions Talha and Zubair this whole adventure against the legitimately elected Caliph of Islam. The base for destabilizing power of Islam that were disagreements Ali (AS). When that did not work in this other tactics began to do thsame. Bands of soldiers raided his many parts of Iraq to burn and loot villages and destroy communities. I had to (p) no choice but to prepare for battle with Muawiya. Battle of Siffin occurred in 2 of Ali (AS) and took disagreements Hussein (p) the entire section. Was the leader of the garrison of 10,000 men along with his elder brother Hassan (AS) and Muhammad (tap). I had to practice to put his son Mohammed e other, in the forefront of the tap and save the lives of these two grandsons of the Prophet. However they took a full part in these battles and fought with great courage.The battle 3 through disagreements Ali (AS) in Nehrwan battle fought against outsiders. This is also more than just one day in defeat with a total of outsiders. Began Ali (AS) returned to Kufa and the main administration of Islamic welfare state. Each of the brothers was head of this state officials will seek care to those poor adestitute within the state and provide them with the necessities of life. While living with his father in Kufa, visited Hussein (AS) different northern part of the Islamic state. One story goes on to say that he visited Azerbaijan and part of Iran at the time.The four years and 10 months of disagreements and his father quickly and most of his life with his older brother Hassan (AS) began in Medina. They still have the case Trust, which was established by his father and both brothers managed jointly. Visited Hussein (AS) Mecca and perform the Hajj 9 times during the life of his brother. After the death of his brother Hassan took (AS) Hussein (p) the mantle of Imamat and spiritual guidance to the nation. It is during this period that during one of his trips to Mecca to perform the Hajj, famous ÇĎÚíÉ (supplication) Arafa became famous. That which is born in the place of Arafat during the Hajj ritual that Imam reads and many pilgrims heard and immediately saves as was the practice of the people at that time. Memorized the Koran was also in the same way and many sermons of Imam Ali (AS) and also memorized by people. This became famous born Arafa because look at the depth of the spiritual worlds of Islam and its total dependence on God's will and power. This also gives an idea of ​​the reasons why Imam Hussein (AS) left Mecca to Karbala. Following excerpt shows that feeling of forward toward reforming the nation from his grandfather,"O'God: You know that our struggle, moves, protests, campaigns were not, and are not, in order to compete for energy and, not they for personal ambition nor for wordly, not for the purpose of getting the accumulation of wealth and advantages wordly." What then is their purpose? Imam states the purpose in these words.

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