Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan's level of denial about her daughter's emotional problems and drug and alcohol issues. While watching her interview with Matt Lauer last week, I wanted to stop her and rush her straight to a therapist's office for her very own intervention. Dina is the classic case of a mom who, because of her own narcissism and fear of failure, is unable to see how her continued minimization of her daughter's issues is completely contributing to her child's self-destructiveness.In the interview, Dina pointed fingers at everyone but herself. According to her, Lindsay's dad, Michael, was an absent father; Judge Marsha Revel played hardball and (of course) the media published negative propaganda against Lindsay. Dina chalked up Lindsay's behavior to her young age and avoided the topic of Lindsay's other stints in drug rehab.Her defensive posture showed me a bitter, angry woman who is afraid to face the seriousness of her daughter's problems, for fear she will then have to acknowledge and address her own shortcomings. Dina is afraid to take a long, hard look at how she truly failed her daughter - and is continuing to fail her by going on television and trying to "spin" the truth. In doing so, she's undermining Lindsay and jeopardizing the success and health that could come from her daughter's incarceration and rehab.

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